powrót do strony głównej ul. Rynek 2/4, PL - 63-600 Kępno
tel. +48 (62) 782 92 00; fax +48 (62) 781 11 50
e-mail: apex@apex.kepno.pl

APEX is the retail and wholesale supplier of spare parts for industrial machines.

APEX provides the following services:
  • spare parts for overhauls of machines and equipment,
  • sale of brand-new and used machine tools,
  • technical support, inspection, overhaul and maintenance of machine tools,
  • manufacture of spare parts and accessories for machines,
  • issue of expert opinions on machines,
  • import and export of spare parts.

Spare parts, machines, equipment and support services are provided in view of the specific needs of Polish businesses based on our in-depth knowledge of the machine tool market.

APEX employs a team of highly qualified engineers. It operates own vehicle fleet, large machine park and vast strategic assets, which guarantee high quality, reliable services. We have acquired extensive experience during years of operation on the market of industrial machines.

Due to extensive experience and high service quality, APEX was able to acquire permanent contracts with leading industrial customers in Poland and abroad, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, the USA and Canada.

We have on offer a vast range of spare parts, which guarantee fast and efficient service.

Regular Customers are entitled to discounts and convenient payment terms.

Feel free to visit our website and contact us.

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